7 July 2014

Our Relationship With The Sun

In winter there are a few things that I am certain of; I'll spend all of winter either feeling tired or hungry, keeping warm will be a struggle and I'll get sick at least once.  This winter I've already managed to get sick and ended up in the waiting room of the doctor's surgery.  I had a blood test and it turns out I'm vitamin D deficient.  

I was shocked with the diagnosis! I thought I had a pretty close relationship with the sun but apparently not close enough!  I spend time in the sun; in summer I occasionally sunbake to get some colour in me, I will lie in the sun during the hottest part of the day baking away. I do wear sun screen, but I know I shouldn't be sun baking for hours during the hottest part of the day if I don't want to get skin cancer.  I also walk outdoors a bit but I do work inside an office 5 days a week from 8:30 to 5pm.

After doing some research, it turns out that nearly a third of Australians are vitamin D deficient.  I won't go into detail about what illnesses vitamin D is linked with, what I will say is it is important we get enough of it. 

In summer you need 6-8 minutes in the sun but in winter 40 minutes in the sun is recommended to get your daily dose of vitamin D.  To spend 40 minutes in the sun during winter seems impossible, as when it's not raining or windy it's bloody freezing!! I'm usually covered from head to toe in layers of clothing during winter; how the sun is going to get me? 

My doctor advised me I can also get vitamin D from fish and dairy products. 

So readers are any of you vitamin D deficient? Do you also struggle getting enough vitamin D?  Are you afraid to spend too much time in the sun?

12 June 2014

The Artist Within

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Napoleon Bonaparte

Someone once told me just because you're not good at something doesn't mean you can't have fun doing it.  That pretty much sums up anything artistic for me.  This picture wasn't drawn by a child, it was drawn by me - as in adult, trying hard.  I know some of you are reading this thinking no one is that bad at drawing but I can assure you I am! Who now feels better about their artistic ability? 

Even though the artistic gene skipped me, I was more than excited when the girls suggested we go to Dr Sketchys at the Arthouse Hotel.  Dr Sketchys is a live drawing class and for $25 you get entry, a drink, reserved seating, sketch pad, pencil ... and a really good time!

So basically two models came out and you have two minutes to draw before they moved into their next pose.  If you thought this drawing was bad I actually slightly improved as the night went on.    This was my very first drawing attempt.

After I finished this drawing I stared at it, its moments like these where you either laugh or cry. I started laughing hysterically with a glass of wine in one hand and my sketch pad in the other. 

After a few two minute drawings they gave you five minutes to draw new poses and the models wearing different outfits.   

I knew my friends were amazing liars when they told me they liked my drawings and how abstract they were.  Lastly they gave us ten minutes to draw.  New outfit changes and poses.  I attempted to draw their clothing and accessories.  It turned out to be a really fun night and I know the girls enjoyed themselves too. 

Readers do you enjoy something that you're not good at?  How good are you at drawing?

3 June 2014

Winter Is Finally Here!

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 
― Edith Sitwell

For those who live in Sydney you might remember that really cold week we had in April. The temperature dropped literally overnight and it was a shock to the system I forgot what it was like to feel cold. Since October the weather has been warm, it has been a long summer and personally I’ve felt like it was never going to end.

When the seasons change I can't help but get the urge to shop. I don't know if it’s because I get drawn to what’s in that season or if it's just a reason for me to justify spending money on stuff I don't need or have the space for because I convince myself I have NOTHING to wear. My winter shopping spree started that cold week in April, it was a Sunday night and my brother and I were picking up my parents from Hawaii. The traffic to get into the airport was a nightmare, no one was moving and everyone was beeping and I could hear my brother muttering things in frustration. I'm telling him everything is ok we will get there when we get there, what else do you say in these types of situations? To kill time I checked my emails and saw a ton of emails from different retailers and this is how my winter shopping spree started. I've noticed I do the majority of my online shopping when I want to kill time and having a smart phone that enables me to shop online anywhere anytime only feeds my addiction.  I think I need to swap my iphone 5S with my very first phone that came with an antenna and no internet. 

I bought the very colourful Bond socks for bed that you can see in my picture as well as some other Bond socks, a waterproof anorak from ASOS and a beanie to go with it, a big thick blanket from Big W which was a god sent because I broke my heater when I tried to turn it on. I also bought a furry jumper and a long sleeve dress that I plan to wear with tights to keep warm.
When my packages arrived in the mail my mum said to me "Are you planning for a cold winter?" I said "It was really cold when you were in Hawaii and someone told me its predicted to be a really cold this winter this year but since I bought everything it has been abnormally warm like the universe is laughing at me”.
Winter is officially here.  I hope the cold weather arrives soon I need a reason to buy a new pair of jeans. 

Have you bought anything so far this winter?  Do you shop online to kill time?

26 May 2014

Could You Eat Chicken If You Had Pet Chickens?

I have been missing in action the past couple of weeks but I'm getting back into the swing of things.  A work colleague on Friday night said to me it only takes three days to break a good habit, if this is true then I have broken all of mine recently so I'm trying to get back into routine and manage my time better.  So stay tuned for my next post.  

A few weeks ago I went and visited my  friend Melissa who lives on the Central Coast, she recently bought three baby chickens.  When she first told me I thought chickens were an odd household pet but as you can see in the above picture they are pretty adorable.  

At Melissa's house the pets run the place.  You have Luffy the cat he walks around like he owns the place and with all his winter fur he looks like a lion. You haven't met a dog as goofy as Starlet, she's such a happy excited dog I thought she was going to knock me over and she's about the same height as me.  You add three chickens to the mix and shes nearly got a farm.

The chickens are now seven weeks old and are now living in the backyard in their coop but when I met them they were only three weeks old and were living in the house till they were big enough to move outside.  
The baby chickens were quite entertaining to watch to my surprise and there is more involved to them then I realized.  Melissa researched toys for chickens and she put a blank CD in their box and it stopped the chickens from pecking each other because they were too busy staring at their reflection in the CD.

Melissa started talking about factory farming and how she couldn't imagine now after having chickens as pets how they could live in those types of conditions.  When listening to her speak so fondly about her chickens it made me wonder if she could still eat chicken.  Everyone loves chicken, I have never met a person who didn't and I know Melissa loves chicken. When I named my dog Snickers a friend of mine made a joke could I still eat Snickers bar which is stupid because Snickers is a dog but you know it actually made me go off Snickers bars for awhile.  When I asked Melissa could she still eat chicken she said it's becoming very hard.

Would you be able to still eat chicken if you had chickens as pets?

24 April 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Picture Sourced From

I had the best week, you know those weeks that are full of laughter, eating, drinking, staying up late because you're socializing and doing nothing mundane like cleaning? I had one of those weeks.  I want to start off by saying we need more four day long weekends with three day working weeks. 

It all started with trivia, I'm not one to play trivia normally as I think it's for people who have a lot of knowledge and I'm not one of those people but when friends asked me to go I thought why not!  Apparently some people take trivia a bit more seriously than I do and sassy Rachel asked me to read up on Geography questions, I didn't think it was the right time to tell her that I failed Geography.  So of course none of the questions I had learnt were asked (did you know the hummingbird is the only bird that flies backwards?) but that didn't bother me because I was happy on a sugar high eating ice cream with caramel sauce and hundreds and thousands.  

The next night I went to Chicks at the Flicks at Event Cinemas with Eva and Gigi and saw The Other Women, I'm a Cameron Diaz fan and she was great and movie was funny and definitely worth seeing.      


Thursday night I went out for dinner at Surry Hills then ate ice cream from Messina in Rose's car and sang Whitney songs till 1:30am because that's just the sort of thing we do.  Fortunately the ice cream was much better than my singing.

Friday was beautiful weather so I spent the day at Bondi beach with my cousin, we did more eating than walking which was good for me considering how tired I was and we never run out of things to say or should I say I never run out of things to say.

Saturday I went to the races at Randwick Racecourse where I mastered the art of gambling.  I placed $5 bets on half of the horses racing to place and at least one of them did each time. The excitement of winning even when you really aren't winning if you know what  mean.  I watched football at the Leagues club that night with my brother and sister even though I don't follow the football and had no idea what was going on.  At the same time my friend was texting trying to convince me to play basketball which is hilarious because I'm 5 foot and get blisters on my fingers from carrying shopping bags.  Isn't there a height requirement to play basketball?

Easter Sunday had lunch at Kingsley's and dinner with Rose but this time there was no singing just talking to early hours of the morning.  


Monday came around and I didn't get my ass out of bed till 11am.  I was so tired it was painful so all my grand plans of washing and cleaning went out the window, my thoughts came down to the bathroom and washing will still be there tomorrow.


It's now Thursday; I'm still eating Easter eggs and it looks like I will be for quite some time, clothes have been washed but not put away, the bathroom hasn't been touched, the place needs a vacuum and there is a dead cockroach on the floor and if I don't remove it soon it might become a permanent resident.  

It was fun while it lasted but now it's time to get back to the boring stuff, well maybe after Anzac day........

14 April 2014

My Favourite Things - Ladies Some TLC

I know you will all agree with me when I say everyone needs some TLC every once in a while and why not we deserve it! 

Nothing screams TLC more than going to a day spa.  The first time I went to Endota Spa it was a few years ago with a friend and I still remember how revitalized I felt walking out of there.  The therapist who did my massage and facial was beyond amazing I wanted to befriend her.  The next time I went back to Endota Spa at The Rocks for a facial I was pleased that my new therapist lived up to my previous therapist.  I still can't fault their service they have always been friendly and professional.  Before and after your treatment they give you an option of water or organic tea, go for the tea I think it compliments the whole experience.  

They offer a wide range of treatments, facials, massages and spa packages so whether you are in need of an organic facial, pedicure, body scrub or a relaxation massage they have got you covered.  They do group packages as well so if you want to get the girls together it's TLC at its best! 

Now that we are glowing and feeling revitalized why not get our makeup done.  I forgot how wonderful it feels to have somebody do your makeup especially when it's done by talented makeup artists like the makeup artists who work at Napoleon Perdis.  I recently had my makeup done for a wedding I went too, I thought why not I didn't buy a new dress or new shoes and I needed to buy concealer so I might as well get my makeup done.  I'm so glad I made that decision because it really did boost the confidence.  I had never worn fake eyelashes before and it was fun because I felt like I was a kid playing dress ups.  

If you have an occasion coming up why not book yourself in to get your makeup done.  We should treat ourselves sometimes.  

What do you do when you need some TLC?

8 April 2014

Vows, Zumbo and a Croquembouche

A friend who I grew up with as a children got married on Saturday, we were neighbours growing up as kids.  It was a beautiful wedding and during the ceremony I saw my childhood flash before my eyes.  Life goes by so quickly, I don't remember when life started to pass me by so quickly but I've been told it only goes quicker as you get older.  I remember busking outside of her house with her sister and my brother using Sesame Street instruments, playing dress ups, decorating the cubby house that dad built which sat in between our fences.  Hours spent playing hide n seek, water bomb fights in summer, washing our parents cars and racing our billy carts down our street.  We were always doing something and we always had the best time and now she was walking down the aisle.  

I was surprised at how many of her family members I recognized that I hadn't seen in years. What surprised me even more was seeing Adriano Zumbo at the wedding!  The first time I saw Zumbo was on Master Chef when they had to recreate his croquembouche.  I've purchased his cake mixes from the supermarket and they are so good so when I discovered he had made a croquembouche for the wedding I was very excited to try it but first I had to get a photo with him.

I was shy to ask but I knew this opportunity doesn't come around every day and I wanted to send the picture to my friends to rub it in their faces.  My big sister came up with me to ask for a photo and he was so nice about it even though it was a private function.  I've bumped into Nick Lachey, waved at President Obama but getting a photo with Zumbo was just as sweet.  

The croquembouche was amazing so amazing I had two pieces.  I especially loved the one that had vanilla inside over the chocolate one.  If I was the bride I would have ordered two croquembouches, one for the guests and one for me to eat later on that night in the hotel room.       

The next wedding I have coming up is my good friend Kate who I've mentioned before.  Her wedding is in September and I'm very much looking forward to it.  I think Kate should have a celebrity at her wedding there is no pressure or anything but I would love to take a photo with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence or Ryan Reynolds just to name a few....

Have you taken a photo with any celebrities? Or who would you like to take a photo with?

3 April 2014

What's Snickers Thinking? Issue 7

We took in our dog Snickers a year and half ago after his previous owner was no longer well enough to look after him anymore.  His been part of our family ever since.  If dogs can be soul mates Snickers is mine.  I think pets are great companions.  Which brings me to my question have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking?  This is what I think Snickers is thinking.  You can send through a picture of your pet and what you think they are thinking to notsopeachie@gmail.com.

I'm bringing sexy back
 Them other boys don't know how to act

2 April 2014

Sorry Did I Hear Correct?

I commute to and from work by train to Macquarie Park and some days it's an uneventful trip and other days it's the total opposite.  It never ceases to amaze me the conversations people have on trains.  It almost feels like there is a rule on public transport that you have to speak as loud as you can while on the phone or talking to the person sitting next to you, in particular young adults aged in their early twenties .  My train has a few uni students on it who attend Macquarie Uni.  Nobody likes Mondays we all count down the hours till home time and when I leave work there is nothing more I want to do than close my eyes and listen to music.  There are days where this simple luxury is taken away from me and this gives me the shits.

I don't intentionally listen in on other people's conversations but like I said they talk so loudly it's really hard to block it out.  There were two young girls sitting opposite from me and I thought I heard them say "We could get a panda from China" and I thought surely I didn't hear right but I did. They were talking about ways they could transport a panda from China to Australia. They were talking about it in great depths as if it was as simple as making a couple of phone calls and in a couple of weeks Australia Post would deliver a panda to their front door.  If it was that easy my friends Gigi and Rachel would have bought a couple of pandas a long time ago.  After their twenty minute conversation on the logistics of moving a wild animal from its habitat they got off the train and I was relieved silence at once.  Then a young man who was having a phone conversation came and sat down.  He was having an argument with the person on the other end of the phone.  His mate on the other end of the phone likes this girl called Bree and wants to kiss her but doesn't know if Bree wants the same thing,  So his telling his friend on the phone is he going to have to mediate this kiss between them in order for it to happen.  I didn't hear the rest of the conversation because I turned up the song I was listening to Waterloo :)

Have you overheard any interesting or funny conversations in public places?

31 March 2014

Distract Me

I'm someone who is easily distracted but struggle to find a distraction when I need one.  My mind never rests, I'm always thinking or analysing something but when I'm stressed or worried my mind goes into overdrive and I make myself go crazy.  I knew I would have to distract myself this week otherwise my own thoughts would make me go crazy.  

It's a lot easier at work because I'm busy thinking about work I knew the weekend was going to be the biggest challenge.  I don't know about you but I love ME time, me time for me is spending time by myself and I was told Aquarians like spending time by themselves.  I created a list on Friday of all the things I wanted to do on the weekend which would end up hopefully distracting me from my thoughts.  


I've been meaning to upgrade my phone for the three months and haven't gotten around to it so what better way to distract myself than a new phone? The man at Virgin was really helpful but he convinced me to wait till after the 1st of April to upgrade because the plans will be cheaper then.  This would have never happened any other day but because I had my heart set on walking away with a new phone it did That's just my luck.

Somehow I end up in a jewellery shop, I don't know if this only happens to me because I'm a bling-a-holic or if this happens to everyone.  I fell in love with this ring but I didn't end up buying it which goes to show what mindset I was in because any other day I would have.  I went to get laser done next because pain is a big distraction especially if you don't have a high pain threshold like me.  After my hour long session of pain I found myself in a bookstore purchasing a cooking book which makes sense since I don't cook!  Maybe I should stick to my list of things to do.  I went back home did my washing and started cleaning the bathroom.  I ended up giving up cleaning the bathroom because I had this desire to learn how to braid my hair.  I have come to the conclusion I have two left hands and this affects my ability to cook, clean and braid my hair.

I fell asleep for 10 hours, I never sleep for 10 hours I'm lucky if I sleep for 7 hours but let me tell you when I woke up I felt like I could CONQUER THE WORLD.  First thing first I felt like pancakes.  A few months ago I felt like being healthy for a week and went into the Macro section of Woolworths and bought ancient grains pancake mix with Quinoa.  I know I said I don't cook I don't classify adding water and shaking pancake mixture as cooking.  I don't know if I added too much water or it was the ancient grains but it was awful I had to throw the mixture away.  I went looking in the pantry hoping to find normal pancake mixture as I was still craving pancakes and I was in luck so I started again.


I hadn't cleaned the shower from the previous day and it is my most hated part of cleaning the bathroom and it takes me ages to clean the shower. If you're thinking she can't cook, she hates cleaning she would make a terrible housewife you're correct.  After I finished cleaning the shower I started analysing my clothes epidemic.  I have this ongoing issue where I seem to accumulate more and more clothes and I have no where to put them.  I keep throwing away clothes to create more space but I've run out of clothes to throw away and still have no room.  I'll keep you posted if my clothes epidemic spreads from my bedroom to my bathroom.


Are you easily distracted? What do you do to distract yourself?          

27 March 2014

My Favourite Things - On A Budget

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; 
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens;
Brown paper packages tied up with strings;
These are a few of my favourite things.

My favourite things is back! We all love a great buy especially if it doesn't hurt the wallet.  Here are my favourite things that will save you money.  

I didn't want to take my $80 foundation to Fiji because when I went to Hayman Island some of my makeup didn't do too well in that heat.  I went into Gloss Accessories and saw BYS foundation for $10 and thought it was perfect for me to take away.  It doesn't have sunscreen or moisturizing cream in it but if you already have moisturizer and sunscreen you can apply them first.  It does give full coverage and my skin doesn't have a reaction to it.  I've been using this foundation for over a year now and for $10 you have nothing to loose what a bargain! To check out Gloss click here.

Just like any female I love shoes.  A few years ago I would have never bought shoes from Kmart but a couple of years ago I found myself in Kmart and I happen to see black suede wedge boots for $25.  I thought they would be perfect for work and if they fall apart after the first wear it doesn't matter because they were only $25.  To my surprise they didn't fall apart and I still have them.  Last year I wanted a pair of brown boots so I thought I would try my luck again at Kmart and I found these (above) for $25.  I am now a fan of Kmart shoes especially their boots.  So check out what they have in store here.

I work in a corporate environment and I love corporate clothing but it's so expensive.  I like to have variety in my wardrobe because I don't like wearing the same clothes every day but at $200 a dress it really did hurt the credit card till I found Tokito.  Tokito is a brand exclusive to Myer, I bought my first piece from Tokito a few years ago and every time I go into Myer I can't help but check to see what they have.  This dress I love, it's called Jacquared cap sleeve and it's only $89.95.  If you look out for sales at Myer and go shopping when there's a sale that's even better. I haven't had any issues with the quality of their clothing either.  To check out what Tokito currently has in Myer click here.

* Nothing on this post has been sponsored I just like these products.

Do you have favourite products you use that won't hurt your credit card?

24 March 2014

What Makes You Happy?

My friend Kate described me in an email the other day as the queen of happiness and even though I was honoured to receive such a compliment we both know some days that couldn't be further from the truth.  

I spoke to a friend on the phone the other night she was upset because she's not happy and doesn't know how to be happy.  As a friend you try and give the best advice you can and hope that something you have said has made a difference even in the smallest way. 

 It has taken me some time to be happy I guess like a lot of people I'm figuring out life as I go.  I know happiness for me didn't come overnight and it was something I had to work on everyday and still do when I'm having a bad day.  I try and be positive and find the silver lining or just be around people who make me laugh and smile. 

I believe getting rid of people in your life that drag you down is a must and finding out what makes you happy is essential.  It has taken me a while to form my list of what makes me happy and I know this list will change but here it is as it currently stands.

*Making people laugh

*Being with good company

*Eating foods that are high in calories

*Spending beyond my means

*Getting massages, facials and my nails done

*Singing I will survive at the top of my lungs

*Trying new things that I suck at

*Writing this blog

* Making new friends

*Spring flowers and summer fruits 

*When I find a pair of size 5 shoes in the sale racks 

What makes you happy?